Mission Statement/Philosophy As we get older, experience teaches us that the more we learn, the less we know. This is a foundation upon which my music is based. Blues is deceptively simple; I strive to treat the genre with total respect for the subtleties and depth of the tradition. By not merely imitating the greats and not-so-well-known’s, but by working within the framework they set, I endeavor to pay respect to those who preceded me. I feel strongly that is my responsibility to contribute something to the music, not to “slash and burn” as so many do. Blues has brought me great joy throughout my life, and I must try to give something back to the music. Therefore I approach my music with integrity, striving for an honest, authentic approach with creativity and respect.
STEVE SMITH and his Meteors
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“Steve Smith and the Meteors don't rely on volume, flash, overdone chestnuts or wasted notes. They have a respect for the tradition and say something relevant. These guys know what most blues bands don't...that it's more about the notes you don't play than the ones you do." -- Rick Holmstrom Steve Smith & the Meteors play old school blues; rooted in the Chicago tradition, Steve stays true to the Delta heritage, swinging jump blues, a dose of funk, and alittle 50’s rock n’ roll/rockabilly. Unlike almost every other blues performer, Steve writes his own material; a refreshing break from the “same old- same old”. Staying true to the genre, Steve’s music is original, yet traditional. Steve is no Johnny-come-lately to the blues; while most blues players come from a rock background, Steve has always been true to the music. Steve’s roots run deep, but he is no slavish imitator; Steve is a long way past recitation. Having long ago learned the “language”, Steve’s music flows naturally - he communicates; his music is conversational. “Steve’s Greasy Houseparty”, Steve’s current CD, is garnishing praise and receiving airplay across the globe. The first of Steve’s promised theme CD’s, this one is an R&B party groove circa 1965. Recorded in Memphis by the legendary Roland Janes, it features members of the Jerry Lee Lewis Band, horns, piano and B-3.
Steve’s awards include: the Michelob/National Park Service Talent Search (1988), as well as both the Tornado Alley/DC Blues Contest (1995) and the NBC/Tower Records/Fleetwood’s/Taste of DC event (also in 1995). Steve has made numerous TV and radio appearances, with both interviews and live performances. TV appearances include: NBC 4 & FOX 5 (DC), CBS 13 & Fox 45 (Baltimore), and many shows such as “Blues Avenues” (Philadelphia) and Backstage Pass (DC) that feature live music. Radio appearances include WPFW (DC), WYEP (Pittsburgh), and Elvis Radio (Sirius). Steve has performed at many festivals: The BBQ Battle (four times), First Night celebrations, Western Maryland Blues Festival, Baltimore Microbrew Fest, and was the first blues act to perform at the Rehoboth Jazz Fest. Steve has performed with or been on the same bill as: Junior Wells, Anson Funderburgh, Koko Taylor, J. Geils, James Cotton, Magic Slim, Rod Piazza, Billy Boy Arnold and a host of others. Steve’s abilities and experience allow him to play in a variety of settings with different lineups, encompassing: band, duo, solo, jazzy uptown to Delta lowdown.
STEVE SMITH & HIS METEORS Original, authentic, award-winning blues