STEVE SMITH and his Meteors
What They’re Saying!
"Steve Smith and the Meteors are part of a dying breed. That is, corner bar blues bands that don't rely on volume, flash, overdone chestnuts or wasted notes. They have a respect for the tradition but don't let it mess with their ability to say something relevant. And most importantly, these guys know what most blues bands don't...that it's more about the notes you don't play than the ones you do." Rick Holmstrom: former guitarist for William Clarke, Rod Piazza; solo artist, currently playing with Mavis Staples
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As a vintage guitar dealer and native Memphian I feel like I know a good band when I hear one. Steve Smith and the Meteors really fit the bill. They play with the spirit and tone that sets them apart from the pack. I look forward to their trips to Memphis and always try to have a Steve-Rod duet jam at my house! Rod Norwood: vintage guitar dealer, Memphis musician
Steve Smith is a 'guitar players' guitar player. His style is deeply rooted in the American masters of modern Blues guitar; his interpretations never forced or derivative. Steve has a dynamic approach to the instrument, as relaxed comping jazz standards as stretching out on a Chicago Blues rave up. The timbres and tones Steve evokes from his '50's era Gibson Les Paul are pure sonic smack, so authentic that without prior knowledge, you could easily mistake his fretwork for genuine Vee Jay sides that were hidden away. In this day and age, where blues guitarists are commonly more concerned with the quantity of notes rather than the quality, Steve Smith is a breath of vintage air, creating music that's comfortable and fresh. As a huge bonus, his band, The Meteors, create a groove behind him that the Women can't resist! It's sure allreet, dancin' to that teenage beat! Too Much! Mark Baier: Victoria Amplifiers’ main man, Chicago
The debut CD by Steve Smith & The Meteors, titled just that, is truly a refreshing collection of 14 nuggets of gold from Blues genre. Guitarist Smith, who wrote 13 of the 14 compositions, needs no further proof that his knowledge of various idioms within the genre is that of a well-seasoned professional, able to play with authenticity. The mix on the CD is excellent and unique. Imagine top notch Chicago Blues musicians you would hear on Chess recordings, but they have instead been recorded in Memphis at Sun studios. The Blues in a Rockabilly setting does indeed provide a unique and pleasing sound to the ear. This 4-piece, guitar, bass, drums, and harmonica combo have replicated that sound. The only thing missing is piano. Most bands today who record retro music lack the authenticity because they end up sounding too sterile with all the digital state-of- the-art technology available in today's studios when compared with the technology of yesteryear. Thus the songs end up sounding so pristine the only place they can be played is on an elevator. This group has used just enough of the new technology to improve upon the old, but without losing the human feeing. Steve Smith & The Meteors debuting 50 years after the fact, are indeed the real deal. Back to the future lives!!! Daryl Davis: boogie-woogie pianist extraordinaire, solo artist, also plays with Chuck Berry and others
Recently, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with two very talented and personable musicians from the Washington, D.C. area. Along with members of the Jerry Lee Lewis Band, we recorded some very exciting sides which I know you will enjoy as much as I do. Steve Smith on guitar and vocals, and Pete DelVitto on harmonica, perform the blues as well as anyone I have heard in a long time. Not only are they capable of doing the blues in their very own unique style, they can handle just about any kind of music in the same manner. Both Steve and Pete create original material including blues, pop, country and jazz. Steve is very outgoing and includes great humor and novelty in many of his original songs, while Pete is more serious minded and laid back in his approach. I might add that along with his obvious great guitar palying and songwriting ability, Steve is a very talented vocalist and delivers each performance with heartfelt emotion and sincerity. Pete also plays with the same emotion and authenticity. Although he has his very own unique style on harmonica, it’s easy to see that he is very much a student of the history of the blues. As a fellow musician and engineer here at Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, it was a great experience and pleasure for me to be involved in this recording project with two very nice people and very talented musicians. I predict much success for Steve and Pete and they have my very best wishes for that success. Respectfully, Roland Janes: engineer at Phillips Recording, played guitar in the Sun Studio “house band”, most notably for Jerry Lee Lewis
Steve Smith and the Meteors play the blues with passion, authority, and respect for the form that is so often lacking in “modern blues” outfits. Steve’s choice of repertoire coupled with his ability to nail classic tones and feeling with a solid, unobtrusive rhythm section allows the music to breathe. His lack of willingness to dilute the blues into “blues rock” is what’s cool. The choice of material goes from swing/jump blues to traditional 12-bar forms and runs the gamut in between, all the while never sounding like just another wanky demonstration of guitar technique. Steve knows the notes not to play as much as the notes TO play. That’s what makes listening to Steve Smith and the Meteors a uniquely rewarding experience. Matt Baker, Action Music
Steve Smith and Pete Del Vitto team up to make the most solid blues industry imaginable. Steve's originals are totally solid and many of them sound right out of Memphis decades ago. Steve’s songs remind one that future classic blues are being written today; I have no doubt that we’ll be hearing more from Steve. Steve's brilliant, imaginative, and lyrical improvising on guitar is nonpareil. Pete could put out a fire with his harmonica, or start one if he wanted. Ron Goad Songwriters Association of Washington
Hi Steve-thanks for the CD. I wish the best & much success on your great CD. Nice tone for your guitar. Great song titles, and nice packaging. I like Chili Dogs, great name. My wife is playing two songs tonight on her radio show: Chili Dogs and Weed Killer. Please stay in touch, let us know how you’re doing. Thanks EEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ>>>>BILLY Billy Flynn Guitarist/vocalist of great renown. Besides his solo career, Billy has played/plays with: Kim Wilson, Legendary Blues Band, Billy Boy Arnold, Mark Hummel, Snooky Pryor and many others.